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What impact on peoples lifestyle would a 14.8 km long green loop in the middle of Tokyo have? It is accessible at many points, where kids are running around and adults are relaxing and communing with nature. There are right amount of restaurants and cafes, where people can have a coffee and read a book.  While taking her dog out, she met her friend and decided to have a late brunch. People just realized how comfortable the environment without car is.


Highway C1 run through in a loop in the middle of Center Tokyo. It was built over where the canal used to be which was the main logistic infrastructure back then. This C1 loop is very efficient to connect all the main zone of Tokyo which supported the Growth of Tokyo for the last 60 years. Now, it is the time to update the usage of this loop again back to people for more potential.


With latest technologies, the requirement for the park is not same as before. There are so many freedom to be creative. The Park "Tokyo G - LINE" redefines is a place where all people discover their new lifestyle. It could be an underground green park with natural light collected above and reproduced underground. It could be a place you get an innovative personal mobility. Tokyo G - LINE should be the place that allowing diverse experiment of new technologies.


Is C1 really necessary? Prof. Phil Goodwin investigated many case studies and found that when a new transportation system got implemented, certain mount of traffic are disappeared by choosing alternative method. Now, we have so many choices to decide which transportation method we would like to take. In this era, it is hard to get an accurate assumption with statistic calculation with the data in the past. Only way to judge is based on the data from the actual experiments.


Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic is a great opportunity to announce Tokyo Future Vision to the world. 1964 Tokyo Olympic left a strong legacy, which are city highways and bullet train system for the rapid economic growth. Now the world is watching Japan for the solution of the declining population and aging demographic society. How is the matured city should look like? Tokyo G - LINE is one of the solution and we should experiment it during the Olympic.


To have successful Tokyo Olympic, Transportation Demand Management is critical. Instead of mixing many rules to make both happy, the best way of controlling the traffic is to make a simple rule, which is shutting down C1 completely for regular cars and make it open for Olympic related vehicles only. At the same time, one of the lane can be open to pedestrian or micro-mobilities for people to experience part of the future "Tokyo G - LINE".

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