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The highway loop (C1) got 3.2 billion dollars budget to be partially buried underground where it is covering the historical bridge, “Nihonbashi”. However, is it really the right decision to spend that much money for this project? It is very possible that we are putting a huge amount of money to something that could be obsolete as soon as it got built in 20 years. 


On top of the fact that existing infrastructure with 3 new highway loops, C2 completed, and C3, C4 will be  completed soon, the rapid development of the advanced technologies will reduce the amount of cars and traffic jam which could diminish the demand for C1.

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Tokyo G-LINE was published on a magazine, "MEZZANINE Vol. 3"

MEZZANINE is one of the most popular urban planning magazine in Japan. Not only introducing a cutting edge planning in multiple cities, but it also analyzes how it may be implemented in Japan. Tokyo G-LINE was introduced as on of the future of Tokyo.

Broad casted on TV Asahi Show, "What is he doing Now?"

One of the most popular TV Show in Japan. Ken's life from his childhood got documented and Tokyo G-LINE was introduced as our future vision.

Participated on the talk show, "The Update" on News Picks

Ken was invited to be on the Online TV Show, "The Update". The topic was "How does the future mobility service look like?" Tokyo G-LINE was introduced as a future vision of Tokyo. There will be much more choices of transportation besides cars including micro mobilities which drastically reduce the required area for streets.

Ken won the Best Comment Prize of the Show @ The Update

The conversation between Mr. Naoki Inose, the former Mayor of Tokyo and I over Tokyo G-LINE won the Best Comment Prize on the show.

Tokyo G-LINE was mentioned on the JTB News Letter

JTB News Letter is featuring one of the most active organization, "Mizubering" who visions the future of the waterfront and hold many events involving many people to experience their visions. Tokyo G-LINE was introduced as one of the vision needs to be experimented as well.

Ken was invited to Jaehoon Radio Show in New York

Jaehoon is the World champion of the "Art Battle" who is hosting a radio show in New York. Ken was invited to be on the show at K-Radio AM1660 to discuss the architectural future and Tokyo G-LINE.

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