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We believe that to improve the world we must bring together many different professions, skills, and cultures. inspiring dots inc. is an expanding group of diverse professionals who inspire each other towards a better vision of the future. Our members are Architects, Graphic Designers, Engineers, Retail Consultants, Biologists, Accountants, Financial Consultants, Program Architects, Product Designers, Traffic Consultants, Infrastructure Consultants, Agriculture Scientists, and more. 


What impact on peoples lifestyle would a 14.8 km long green loop in the middle of Tokyo have? It is accessible at many points, where kids are running around and adults are relaxing and communing with nature.  No cars, nicely designed landscape creating comfortable shades with generous tree canopies that make seniors and the young enjoy taking a walk. There are right amount of restaurants and cafes, where people can have a coffee and read a book. Some people enjoy painting. While taking her dog out, she met her friend and decided to have a late brunch. People just realized how comfortable the environment without car is.

If you got a chance to use the highway loop, C1 however you want, what would you do? 

A full marathon race with 3 round trip? Do you want to put a water slider? Organizing Tokyo Survival Game? 47 prefecture festival competition? Haunted tunnel?

Please feel free to propose whatever, either from urban/architectural point of view or personal enjoyment point of view.



AR SHOPPING is an evolution of the shopping experience. It makes shopping at the physical store an extension of the online shopping experience, allowing retailers to be truly omnichannel.

Children playing

World Peace Online is a device that virtually connects people between diverse regions and cultures through sports and physical activities.


Mobile Farm is introducing a new style of hydroponic agriculture.



One of the most popular TV Show in Japan. Ken's life from his childhood got documented and Tokyo G-LINE was introduced as our future vision.


Ken was invited to be on the Online TV Show, "The Update". The topic was "How does the future mobility service look like?" Tokyo G-LINE was introduced as a future vision of Tokyo. There will be much more choices of transportation besides cars including micro mobilities which drastically reduce the required area for streets.


ICO expressed their concern having marathon in Tokyo due to its heat and humidity and suggesting to have it in Sapporo. Ken was invited to the News show featuring his alternative idea having "Night Marathon @ Metropolitan Highway". - Tokyo G-Line


Toyota announced that they are going to build their future city called "Woven City". Ken was invited to the News show to discuss about the future city and its mobility system. 

Ken Shigematsu_Pit.jpg
founder / architect, creative director
​principal at Laguarda.Low Architects

Ken Shigematsu has 15 years of experience as an architectural designer and planner. His primary focus is creating new experiences for people and their dynamic lifestyles through imaginative master plans and architectural spaces. In addition, to solve more complicated social issues, it is necessary to involve diverse professionals from every background. With this challenge, inspiring dots was established to expand our abilities and contributions to the world in diverse aspect. 

IVY_gp_9 003 ROUGH.jpg
product manager
​vice president of product manager at NYSHEX
Founder of Tasty Binary Consulting

Jason is a technology executive focused on building world-class products in New York since 2006, specializing in enterprise e-commerce and B2B SaaS products. A minimalist by nature, he aims to create clean, straightforward systems and experiences that solve impactful and often complex business and user problems.  He is also an avid rock climber and fisherman.

creative director
creative director at TAPAD

Dexter makes logos, websites, apps, illustrations, digital experiences—anything that makes life easier and more delightful. He also makes brands look good. His work is usually a response to what you want your brand to be. And what your audience expects of you. He has done a lot of quality work, has gained a lot of experience, and has honed my skills in the more than 10 years that he has been working with clients, agencies, and friends in the industry.

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